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6 - The Five Skandhas

A discussion about the five skandhas

A discussion about,  and demonstration of, Loving Kindness meditation

4 - Karma

A discussion of karma related to Buddhism.

3 - Transitions

Life transitions, whether related to faith or ways of construing existence or interpersonal relationships, can seem like utter crises when they first arise. A new way of seeing often does not arise until the prior one has dissolved. This discussion considers such events from the perspective of Buddhist dharma, including the fundamental nature of change, self identification and construction, and the unexpected value of not knowing.

2 - Love and Attachment

A discussion of love and attachment related to Buddhism's second noble truth.

"Turning Toward Suffering" is the first in a series of dharma talks from the Virtual Refuge Sangha FB group. The talk given April 29, 2012 by Sean Lindsay includes discussion with Stacey Killpack, Kim Sika, and Greg Woodhouse. If you're interested in joining us online for further discussion, please friend Sean Lindsay on Facebook, and he'll add you to the group.